NVIDIA JetCar(A DIY RC Car Self Driving Jetson Based Model)

NVIDIA JetCar(A DIY RC Car Self Driving Jetson Based Model)

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  • Jetcar is an autonomous AI racecar using NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • The open-source JetCar AI robot platform gives makers, students, and enthusiasts everything they need to build creative, fun, smart AI applications
  • It’s powered by the small but mighty NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI computer, which supports multiple sensors and neural networks
  • The Jetcar kit is based on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI computer and includes the complete robot chassis, wheels, and controllers along with a battery and camera.
  • Documentation Guide - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iWDfwiJ6fbxmQV-sPcAWw4cDnVDaE3Qi/view

Description: The project is essentially a how-to guide to building your own RC car which can drive itself around a track using classical control theory, computer vision or in my case machine learning. I wanted to experiment with more sophisticated models.

Features: Self Driving Features

The following is a list of the off-the-shelf components needed for building JetBot. Prices shown are approximate and subject to change by vendors. Many of these components or suitable replacements are available from a wide variety of sources, But we Encourage to Buy The Tested / Approved Parts here.

PART Name QTY Approx Cost Taxes Line Item Cost
Donkey Car 1 31200 5616 36816
USB Battery with microUSB cable (2A 5V) 1 2750 495 3245
Nvidia Jetson Nano Development Kit 1 8900 1602 10502
MicroSD Card 1 360 64.8 424.8
Logitech gamepad f710 1 2700 486 3186
3D Printed Part for Jetson Base 1 450 81 531
Servo Driver PCA 9685 1 390 70.2 460.2
M3 screws 8mm or 10mm 1 250 45 295
M2 screw 8mm or 10mm 1 250 45 295
Noctua 40mm Cooling Fans 2 1950 351 4602

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